Interdependent artist payments and live streaming through COVID-19 with Nico Perez (Mixcloud)

Episode Notes

It’s a hot one! This afternoon recorded a discussion with Mixcloud CEO and DJ Nico Perez, and our studio was so hot that we had to keep all the windows open for our own health and also to keep the laptop from spontaneously combusting! As a result this recording is resplendent with the occasional child screaming or dog barking, but hopefully that adds to the experience :)

Nico joined us to discuss Mixcloud's select feature for directly supporting artists, how their bold move to introduce payment splits between DJ’s and artists could potentially be taken further, club culture under COVID-19 and the new terrain of artist live streaming, and the importance of building strong foundations for strong scenes in opposition to the “one size fits all” model that is fortunately receiving its fair share of criticism online at the moment.

Thanks again for supporting us!! We hope you are having a great week and are well hydrated!

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