Stories told about technology, context as medium and reanimating dot-com companies with Simon Denny

Episode Notes

We invited artist Simon Denny over to our studio for the final podcast of the year to go deep on his practice, a commitment to exploring context as a medium, making crypto art and exhibitions before everyone cared, and Dotcom Seance, his wild new art project on Folia.

A perfect guest to close out the year! We will be taking a break for the first week of January to focus on something big to be announced soon, and will also be doing an AMA in the early  new year - send over questions!

Happy new year everyone and thank you <3

Simon Denny:


Proof of Stake Exhibition at Hamburg Kunstverein

Contextual data dump:

Making art about stories told about technology

History of art funding and institutional critique

Context as an expanded medium of expression

Unprecedented Participatory auction dynamics

Industrialist patrons aren't new

Proof of Stake Exhibition at Hamburg Kunstverein

Collector DAOs - Fingerprints/Flamingo

Protocol art/Situating crypto art on a longer historical timeline as a sign of maturity for the space

Off chain work in the crypto canon

What canon is, how it is created, and is it changing?

Does an art world want to be decentralized?

Can we have a flamingoDAO book please?

When traditional habits start to reappear as rational

Galleries and intermediaries still kindof make sense when they know what they are doing

Evolution of art fairs


Dotcom Seance: bringing dot com companies back from the dead

CashWars and FunBugs experimenting with their Seance ENS

The amount of time it takes to run tokenised art projects

The relevance of Web 1 to the present day


How to reconcile slower art making practices with the speed of information exchange


Late night debate about conceptual art and beauty

Is anything ugly?

Beauty is in the eye of the token holder!


We (Interdependence) are doing an AMA soon - questions in comments ;)